Gladius Petroleum

Gladius Petroleum is in the business of trading energy related commodities across West Africa with a total market accessibility through its network of regional offices, agents & associates


Our energy trading capabilities touches every aspect of trading commodities across the energy spectrum ranging from shipping, crude oil, condensate, fuel oil, naptha, gasoil, gasoline, jet fuel, dual purpose kerosene & Liquified Petroleum Gas specialising in the below:

- Sourcing of placement of crude oil, condensate, refined products and bio-fuels on a spot or term contract basis.

- Creating participative marketing structures for oil refinery feedstock, petroleum products as well as bio-fuels production and marketing.

- Structuring, managing and executing hedging transactions for producers, refineries, product off- takers and sovereign’s through the use of the derivative markets. This function provides an active risk management service that aims to preserve margins for all.

- Developing tailor made structured financing and pre-financing transactions where capital investments or ownership of the underlying commodity is used to reduce the cost of borrowing or provide funding to the client.

- Crude oil & Petroleum products:

- The supply and trading of crude oil and petroleum products is a key focus for Gladius commodities formation. These activities include day–to–day trading, medium and long-term storage, structured financing, operations and inventory management solutions to state oil companies in the West African region, major oil companies and corporates with an exposure to energy prices and government agencies. Securing supplies through long-term, medium – term and spot purchase agreements. Our aim is to mitigate risk and optimise the value of transactions for all parties concerned.
We have the experience of developing and executing creative and complex energy related transactions, to derive value from logistics, price risk management, forward market structures and structured trade financing. This has helped to build our capability as a leading, niche, energy solutions provider and trading partner.

Products & Services

Physical oil delivery
Gladius Commodities supply capabilities of physical oil and petroleum products to a range of customers in the West African region is enabled via the firm’s access to a global shipping network, regional operational services and trading expertise across the region. These factors provide the elements of cost competitive supply solutions at the highest efficiency levels of operational performance.

Oil product derivatives

Gladius capabilities are able to provide oil price risk management products designed to remove or limit customer exposure to oil price volatility.

Risk management products cover a range of energy products including gasoil, dual purpose kerosene, jet fuel, gasoline & crude oil.